Easy Halloween Nail Art

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to practice some nail art! Although unfortunately for me I don't have the steadiest of hands, so I've put together some super simple, but really cute halloween nail art ideas! 


I started by painting my nails a really pale, almost white shade. I then used a dotting tool (the end of a grip is just as good!) to paint on two dots for eyes, and another underneath for a nose. I then painted on four short lines at the bottom of the nail to form the 'teeth'.


On top of the same pale base I used the dotting tool to paint a large oval on the centre of my nail. I then used a thin paintbrush to paint a line connecting the oval to the top of the nail. I used the same brush to paint on the spider legs and finished with a top coat! 


This one may be my favourite, he's just so cute! I used a thin paint brush to create an upside-down 'M' shape at the bottom of the nail, and filled it in with black polish. I then used the dotting tool to create some tiny eyebrows and two black dots for eyes, before dotting two smaller white dots for the pupils.

Frankenstein Tips: 

Perhaps the simplest design of them all, to create this I painted a bright green base, and then used a thin paintbrush to paint one horizontal line across the nail, and several vertical lines to create a frankenstein style stitch effect! 

Have you created any halloween nail art this year? :)

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