Self Promotion

Monday, October 07, 2013

At University recently I've been studying a module on self promotion. Through this I have came to find many self promotion ideas, including cv designs, business cards and self promotional packs that I have found both interesting and inspiring. These are a few I've saved.

I love creative business cards. This one is for a life coach, and not only is the card interesting, and unique from a regular business card, its appropriate and demonstrates his business. 

I definitely want to look at getting my business cards embossed when I come to make them. I just think it looks so much more superior and luxurious. I especially like the use of colour in this card, nothing too dramatic or ground breaking but it would really make the card stand out in a pile. 

  Mini portfolio booklet. I think this is really nice idea, more and more portfolios are solely on the internet now and I just think having it to actually hold in your hands is something special. The colours on this one really work well as well! 

The packaging and presentation of self promotional material is important as well. It seems a shame having a beautiful business card, cv and mini portfolio to just chuck them in a plastic wallet. This one is functional and professional, and although it probably wouldn't match my personal branding, I'd like to adopt the general idea of different sections and cut-outs for different pieces of self promotion. 

Have you seen any inspirational self promotional material lately?

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