2013 Review

Thursday, January 02, 2014

In January 2013 we saw a LOT of snow, which has been a running theme for the past few years. First few months of the year = a very real possibility of snow. We made the most of the freezing weather by getting out in it and acting like excited children! January this year also saw me pass my driving test, after putting it off for a good few years! This was something I was really proud of and glad to have finally achieved.

In February me and a group of friends started work on an events project at university. We decided to organise a 'Family Fun Day' event in aid of the Make A Wish foundation. We worked tirelessly putting on bake sales, vintage stalls and liaising with companies such as Lush and L'Occitane to raise money and awareness of the charity. 

After a lot of hard work, Make A Wish in Wonderland opened it's doors to the public in March. After devoting our lives to the event we were so proud to see families enjoying it, and money being raised for the charity. At the end of the day, when we were convinced our event was a success we all breathed a huge sigh of relief! 

After the hectic preceding months, April seemed very quiet, and was spent working as a Visual Merchandising assistant in a clothing boutique where I live. This opened my eyes to the ins and outs of a VM job, as well as the bruises and dirty hands! For the most part, I really enjoyed my time spent doing this, I learnt a lot and it definitely helped me think more creatively. 

In May, me and a group of friends spent time away at a barn conversion in Cheshire. We spent our time there exploring the area, eating a lot of lovely food and dipping in and out of the hot tub! After the relaxing break, I got stuck into my work experience placement at Claire's head office in Birmingham. I was working with the Buying Team, with brands such as Hello Kitty, One Direction and Moshi Monsters. I really enjoyed the time I spent with Claire's, learning about the day to day tasks within a Buyer's working life. I particularly enjoyed researching for new lines, and learning about which lines were successful and which lines were not. 

After finishing a busy year at university, June brought with it a very welcome holiday to Croatia. I spent a week relaxing on the beach, wondering around ancient towns and taking inspiration from the beautiful architecture. 

In July I was lucky enough to escape once again, this time to Lanzarote with a group of friends. We had a truly relaxing time enjoying the sun and making the most of being next to the sea.

I turned 21 in August and was well and truly spoilt! I spent a memorable day with friends and family in the sun. The rest of this month was spent enjoying time with my sisters, taking trips to Liverpool and indulging in a few too many barbecues! Who can blame me? We actually saw the sun this year!

In September I began my third and final year of university, which was both scary and exciting! So far I've noticed a huge increase in the work load, but also enjoyed every project. After a relaxing, long summer it was nice to throw myself back into working hard. In September I also went camping for the first time. Although it was a fun weekend with friends, it's safe to say I'd much prefer to be in the comforts of a safe, sturdy, (not going to blow away in the wind) building.

In October I spent time visiting a pumpkin patch after deciding the pumpkins in the supermarket were way too small for my liking! I also spent a great Halloween night (dressed as a skeleton) with friends. This is also the month I began writing this blog, as well as spending a lot of time working on new projects from university.

November brought a lot of deadlines! So most of the month was spent working hard (But enjoying it!). I worked on projects looking at celebrity culture and it's history which I really enjoyed, as well as developing self promotional material such as business cards and cv packs. The creative side of these projects really appealed to me and motivated me! Taking a break from hard work, I managed to spend time watching fireworks with friends at Himley Hall, as well as getting a head start on my christmas shopping!

In December I enjoyed too much chocolate, and some would say too many novelty nail designs! But that's what christmas is for. I spent the month finishing university projects, visiting the German Christmas markets in Birmingham and wearing hideous Christmas jumpers at parties with friends.

2013 was an exciting, fun filled year for me! I'm already eager to see what 2014 brings. As for resolutions, I did make one, but had forgotten it by the next day! So that goes to show the value of resolutions to me. For now I'll just hope to have as good a year as 2013!

Happy New Year.

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