Skin Saviours

Friday, September 05, 2014

Hello! Long time no blog! I've had a jam-packed month or two in between finishing uni, graduating, applying for jobs, and attending interviews I feel like I've had no spare time at all. On top of all that my laptop decided to give up on me after 3 years, leaving me smuggling my boyfriends laptop home at every chance I get!

Now that it's nearing the end of the summer (boo) I've been gathering my favourite skincare products ready for the change in weather. I don't know what it is, but any major change in temperatures causes havoc with my skin, so this year I'm making sure I'm ready for the cooler climate with these little saviours!

For the past few months my make-up removing weapon of choice has been the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. For a long time I'd been a fan of oil-based make-up removers, and always found myself scrubbing at my make-up with any water-based products. Garnier Micellar Water has completely converted me! My make-up disappears with just a few sweeps of a cotton pad, which makes the cleansing water a perfect choice for lazy make-up removers like myself!

Once a week, or when I feel my skin needs a really deep clean I've been using the Boots Essentials Cucumber 3-Minute Clay Mask. I was SO hesitant to try this, and didn't have high hopes at all. However, I've been very pleasantly surprised by this little tube, for £1.50 it is an amazing product! It leaves my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and squeaky clean and I can see this being a staple in my skincare routine for a long time.

Another line from Boots that I've been seriously impressed with is Botanics. I have pretty dry skin, and whilst I don't have too many problems with spots, the few I do get leave annoying dry patches for weeks. The Botanics Radiant Youth Microdermabrasion Polish has been an absolute saviour whenever my skin gets a little bit dry or dull. The 'grit' is so fine and leaves my skin soft and radiant looking.

After using a mask I like to inject a bit of moisture back into my skin. To do this I've been relying on the Superfacialist Rose Intense Moisture Mask.  I smooth this on, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse with warm water, leaving my skin soft and nourished. I don't love the scent of this one, but the product is so gentle and moisturising it's worth putting up with for a few minutes!

Surprise Surprise, this was bound to end up in here somewhere, but I honestly think La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] has changed the texture of my skin completely! It took me a while to get on board with this one, but once I'd used it for a few weeks my skin looked clearer and brighter than ever before! I pop this on every night before I go to bed, and any spots that might be appearing have completely gone by the morning.

I picked this next product up on a complete whim when I was shopping for the Boots Essentials Clay Mask. Everything I have tried from this range has seriously impressed me and the Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel definitely hasn't let me down. I apply this all around my eyes after cleansing and before moisturising morning and night and I've seen a real difference in my under-eye circles, particularly in the morning! This gel really clears up any red-ness and leaves my under-eyes bright and awake looking. I would honestly pay a lot more for this product!

The two products I'm missing from my saviour collection are a moisturiser and cleanser! I'm yet to find the perfect products, I would love recommendations if you have any!

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