January 2014 Photo Diary

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1&2 - I spent the beginning of January wandering around Paris, visiting all the tourist-y places and eating a lot of pastries. I had the best time, I love Paris and can't wait to go back. You can read about what I did in this post.

3 - I've been loving using this Seventeen nail art set lately. I can't say I've got a steady enough hand for really intricate designs, but I can try! I've been finding tutorials from One Nail To Rule Them All and xAmeliax really useful!

4,5&6 - I went on a few weekends away in January, meaning I spent a lot of time both eating in restaurants, and eating Domino's, oops! I visited my sister in Liverpool and found this cute Polaroid on her wall of my 21st birthday. I also took advantage of her cute bike and went on a little ride (around the room... it was raining!).

7 - I posted my first outfit post the other day. I'm definitely not a natural poser, I felt so awkward just standing there!

8 - This has been my view pretty much every day throughout January. I've just started writing my dissertation for uni so a lot of my time is spent researching, writing up research, looking back through research, everything else to do with research!

9 - This kind of links with the last photo, to distract myself I spent a good half an hour yesterday organising and trying on my lipsticks. It's amazing what seems important when you're trying to put something off!

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