Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I know Valentine's Day is a controversial holiday, and a lot of people don't like it, but I personally love it! I can't say I ever have or ever will go all out lovey dovey let's skip and hold hands, but I quite like the thought of just reminding someone you're thinking of them with a little gift.
I put together this gift guide, it's probably (definitely) more suitable for girls, the kind of thing you could give to a sister or friend.

1 & 3 - Press on nails. I've noticed a lot of cute press on nail designs lately, these are two that stood out to me. The first set is from Ted Baker, and has a really lovely floral design. The second set, from Elegant Touch, are a lot simpler, but just as lovely!

2 - Homemade cakes/cookies/anything. I think baking or cooking something is a really nice Valentine's gift idea. The thought and effort that goes into making something homemade says a lot, and is a really nice way to show you care.

4 & 5 - Lush Love Locket and Close To You. I always love Lush's Valentine's offerings, and was sad to see they didn't bring back Frog Prince this year! These two kind of make up for it though, Close To You smells lovely and Love Locket fills the bath with heart confetti, what's not to like?

6 - These mugs are so sweet, they say "I love your face (and the rest of you too)". Some might say these are a bit sickly sweet but I find them quite funny, plus you can never have enough mugs!

7 - I love candles, and find an excuse to use them as a gift for every holiday! Pink Sands is a sweet, fresh scent which would be appropriate right through to Spring! I haven't smelt Sweetest Valentine but it's described as "Sparkling Cinnamon & Vanilla Cupcake" which sounds amazing.

8 - This is my type of card, I'm a sucker for a card with a pun. Unfortunately I can't find available to buy in the UK! I couldn't leave it out though, it's so cute! Let me know if you know where I can get one!

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